Nepal Youth Council

by Laura

DSC_0774Recently I was invited to meet the Nepal “Youth Council,” a group of 20-somethings appointed by the U.S. State Department, in collaboration with a youth organization called YUWA.  I wasn’t given very specific instructions about what to discuss with them, so for a while I talked about Eva Nepal’s youth fellowship, Gaky’s Light.  But after I’d been talking for a while, one of the council members – who was nice enough to read the glossy Eva Nepal handout I’d distributed – asked me to describe Handovermatter.

So that’s how my talk on first-generation-literate youth and abroad DSC_0790migration and skills training morphed in to an IMT lesson.  I talked a bit about our project in Nepal last spring and some of the unexpected reasons for pursuing it that have evolved – the themes not just of health care, but teamwork, compassion, and even peace-building.

I was especially excited that one of the participants, Pabitra, a nurse, asked for more information so that she could try out some of our protocols in her hospital.  So I emailed her our community cards, which can be used by anyone from nurses to family members and visitors in any language, with or without literacy skills.  I hope to hear back from Pabitra about what happens when she tries this out in her hospital.

Nepal Youth Council - Talk Turned IMT training

Nepal Youth Council – Talk Turned IMT training




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