Momo-Chowmein IMT

by Laura

One of my goals for this trip to Kaskikot was to think of ways to help our IMT trainees from last year add some business elements to their IMT work.  So far, I’ve been trying to meet with Govinda at least weekly to treat patients, but the question is, what kind of set up can he put around his skills to make it easier for him to practice regularly, and eventually, to be able to get paid for his work?

Well I for one really have no idea.  But it just so happens that Govinda has set up a new store front in his home in the last few weeks.  We got IMG_2599to talking about what he can do to differentiate his shop from lots of others in Kaskikot, and decided that something the place is really lacking is some good hot snack food.  There are lots of places that sell sugar and crackers, but nothing with a good plate of chowmein or some nice steamed momo.  Plus, Govinda’s house is right at the road, which gets a fair amount of tourist traffic on day-walks.

Obviously, once we (and that mainly means me an Prem) decided that Govinda should make momo and chowmein, it was a short but exciting leap to the innovative concept of this post: Momo-Chowmein IMT!

Last week I stopped in at a new shop in town called the Facebook Cafe.  (There’s another idea – rip off names of anything that’s popular and add it to your product.  Apple IMT?)  I set up an appointment for Govinda and I to come in and learn some cooking.

Which is what we did this morning.  It was a blast!  Our teacher was a 21-year old young man named Ram who is putting himself through college by working in restaurants.  He was the most passionate momo maker I’ve ever met (not that I’ve met that many), describing how he began his journey first by washing dishes and slowly moving in to the cook line, until he came under the tutelage of a momo guru.  We spent a good half hour on the merits of the one-handed dough-roll over the significantly inferior two-handed thug dough roll.


I have no idea what will happen with Govinda’s new shop and his new cooking possibilities.  But we found ourselves incredibly entertaining, learning to fold momos in the name of manual therapy.  But, as I like to say, every great new trend starts with some weirdos.

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One Response to Momo-Chowmein IMT

  1. Will says:

    Are those gluten free? I look forward to trying them next year! Will

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