A Leettle Teeny World!

by Laura

So my favorite restaurant in Pokhara is called the Olive Cafe.  It’s practically my second office, I am here working on my laptop whenever I’m in the city.  And last year I took all my friends there a few times (one of these visits led to Lissa’s cheesecake eating experience).

Today one of the cooks at Olive Cafe stopped me and asked if I’d ever been to Panauti. I said yes but couldn’t figure out why this cook looked familiar or how he’d know about me and Panauti – which is 8 hours away near Kathmandu.  I’ve been there only once, during our IMT project with Joining Hands Nepal and Panauti Community Hospital.  I’m headed there again at the beginning of may.

The cook said he was from Panauti and he’d seen my photo there.

“What a second,” I said, “Do you know Himal?”  Himal is the director of Joining Hands Nepal and organized our visit last spring.  I met with him in Kathmandu on my arrival two weeks ago.


Himal at Joining Hands Nepal

The cook grinned and suddenly I knew why he looked familiar.  “Himal is my little brother!” he said.

Now how is THAT for a small world?!?!  Out of all the restaurants in Pokhara’s tourist strip that could be my hangout, or all the children’s homes in Kathmandu that we might have visited during our IMT pilot…


Himal’s big brother, a cook at the Olive Cafe in Pokhara


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One Response to A Leettle Teeny World!

  1. Will says:

    Wow, that is incredible. The world is small, but Himal’s family is getting bigger.

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