Kaskikot IMT Clinic 2013, Week 1

by Laura

This week, I met up with Govinda in Kaskikot.  While I’m here this spring, I’m hoping to tool around with ways to help Govinda and maybe others we trained last year establish a format for providing IMT treatment. Surprisingly, the unclear categorization of manual therapy – not traditional local medicine, not traditional western medicine – was probably the biggest challenge our trainees faced when trying for continuity after we left.  So I’m hoping to work with Govinda to try to come up with a delivery system that people will easily be able to fit in to their picture of local health care.  It would be great if our trainees could generate some income in the local economy, too.

Right now, as far as we’ve gotten is deciding that one way or another, we’ll get together every week at Govinda’s house and offer treatment.  He’ll be the leader and I’ll provide support.

This week, our first patient was Aamaa, my host-mother in Kaskikot and now an old-time IMT patient, who spontaneously developed a sore knee last spring and hasn’t properly been able to carry water or do a lot of walking since.

I realize that in this picture it doesn’t look like there’s a knee involved.  I was doing the knee and doubling as the photographer.

Govinda and his kids treating Aamaa

Govinda and his kids treating Aamaa



While we were there, one of the team’s previous patients stopped by: the guy who got a bad back one day while milking his buffalo.  He regaled me with his story – he came to see the new IMT therapists, unable to stand up straight.  After an hour of treatment he walked out standing up.  The team visited him twice more and treated him at home. He never took any other medicine during his recovery. Nice job guys!

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One Response to Kaskikot IMT Clinic 2013, Week 1

  1. Lindsay says:

    Glad to hear Aamaa got some help for her knee!

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