New Ideas for IMT Kids in 2013

by Laura
It’s my first morning in Kathmandu and I just had a fantastic meeting with Himal from Joining Hands Nepal, where our team spent two days last spring.  They have used IMT twice this year in the orphanage for acute situations–a fever and a bad case of stomach bug.  Himal reports that this went very well, and he has photos that he’s been meaning to send.  They’ve also used the IMT cards sometimes as the activity for their morning recreation class.
One of our most successful events last year was the full-day training we did at Panauti community hospital.  But since then there’s been a staff turnover, so while most of the administration remains, a lot of the doctors are new.  So the IMT material hasn’t gotten used as much there.
When I met Himal this morning he came with some friends from Panauti. One of them was a school teacher. We started brainstorming about what we could do this year based on what we learned worked last year–and came up with an idea we’re really excited about.
In early May, I’m going to lead a one-day IMT retreat at the children’s home.  In addition to following up with the kids, Himal and his friends will invite some nearby schoolteachers, a local government health post clinician, a rep or two from the hospital, and some yoga teachers.  Without adding any new material or complexity, we’ll use the same basic IMT cards from before, but incorporate them in different settings – P.E. class in school; as part of a yoga practice; at the health post; etc.  We’ll do a lot of role-plays and games.
But here’s the best part!  Pending permission from Panauti Hospital, the 10 kids from the home will go to the hospital the next day, divide in to two groups, and treat patients.  The hope is that this can become their weekly service activity.  I think that having 10 kids from an orphanage using their hands to treating patients at a hospital every saturday is way better than any kind of community training we can do here in a day.  It’s kind of awesome to picture the docs coming in to change IVs and having to navigate around a gaggle of child therapists.  Who knows?


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