No More Pain Meds for a Handovermatter Alum

by Laura

Recently, our Kaskikot Team Coordinator, Govinda, went to check on one of the most acute patients we treated back in April.


Mitu didi was one of our first patients on the first day, because she had come to my house in Kaskikot in excruciating pain, asking for medicine. I took this photo and despite the red-carpet smile, you can see how she’s standing.  Lissa treated Mitu-didi for just under two hours; she had what we call a sacral torsion, meaning her sacrum was rotated and tilted in a position that it’s never supposed to be in.  Here is the wonderful update from Govinda, seven months later.


Dear Laura Sister,

Today I met Mitu-didi and we talked about the IMT treatment.  Previously, her back pain made it really hard for her to work. Getting up, sitting down, sleeping–everything was difficult.  She had to get a monthly injection and take medication.  

After the IMT treatment, all of it is better.  She doesn’t have to get the injections.  She says, “It’s not hard for me to do labor – I’m working and if I carry an especially heavy load I’m just a bit sore from time to time.”


See more about Mitu-didi, a patient we followed throughout this blog, before her treatment and on treatment day.

Mitu-didi with me in 2005

Me with Mitu-didi in 2005

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