Nepal memories linger on …

by Will

I recently had a trip to Heidelberg Germany. I had a great time performing manual therapy on clients. While there, I shared my Nepal experience with my hosts, Simone and Thomas. Showed them my photos and I encouraged them to consider taking a future IMT trip to Nepal which I assume would be sometime in 2014. Again, I give a lot of thanks to Simone and Thomas. They were great hosts.

I was surprised to find a big reminder of Nepal in Germany, literally a big one. We walked one weekend up in the hills of Heidelberg during the first snow storm of the season. There was about one or two inches of snow (5 cm) as we trudged around an orchid hill surrounded by big green fir trees. I found myself reaching out over an electric fence to pet a cow. The cow turned its head, nudged its nose against my hand and instantly I had a flash back to Nepal. Lu Lu, yes Amma’s water buffalo!

It was an ahh haa moment, I could have had a V8 moment- that’s right – the bovine world speaks with their nose, and this is nose communication. It is a whole new language to me, and why didn’t I realize this about Lu Lu.

Now I have hung out with bovine friends in the past, remember Pink Floyd album covers.

I truly dig their milk too. But there was always some unsatisfied mystery. How can I speak to a ruminating boulder with four legs? Come to think of it perhaps that is how I regarded that unattainable legendary blonde in high school. Either way, don’t get in their way.

My lingering memories of Nepal continued after returning from Germany. I was to give a presentation the morning after I got off the plane from Europe. I arrived at the place only to find out it had been rescheduled to a week later. I was actually relieved and returned home to crash.

I refined my PowerPoint over the next week, and the strength of the Nepal visit lingers with me. It seemed that all my Nepal photos pulled me deeper and deeper back to Nepal. There are the vast vistas and the ever stimulating Kathmandu. I recalled the “little events” of my stay. The ever present purrrr of the motor scouters, there was the quietness of the early morning Kathmandu, there was that bird/animal sounding like a German coo coo clock, there are the bright colors of the Sarees, and there was Amma’s dinner time cries for Laura’s help.

My new Nepalese Facebook friends continue my lingering thoughts of my visit. I now belong to one huge family; having even brothers studying in China of people I met in Nepal Facebooking me. I am impressed with how the people we trained continue to work on people in the Kaskikot area. My mom still asks questions about the Nepal visit, and Laura Spero updates me regularly on her work with Eva Nepal.

A big thanks to the peer group I belong to where I gave the presentation, NEMC. I have posted the PowerPoint on my clinical website although it lacks my excited presentation. I have also updated my photo website.

Don’t worry Lu Lu, as you can see by my persistent memories, I seem to be plotting a return. I’ll see if I can better understand this nose talk, and I hope to better understand Nepalese.

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