Update from Joining Hands Children’s Home

by Laura

It has been five months since our pilot ended last april, and I wrote Himal recently to find out how things are going at Joining Hands Nepal, the orphanage we visited at the end of our trip on April 2-3, 2012.  Himal is the 25-year old founder and director of Joining Hands Nepal, a children’s home that houses 8 wonderful kids.  He sent me this lively update:

Hello Laura Sister, Namaste.

First of all thank you for message. I am very happy I’ve had the chance to learn IMT and I feel proud to share our experience. Thank you very much for teaching it to me and my kids at the orphanage.  In the beginning of the IMT training it was strange for us because we’d never seen treatment like that.  But after doing IMT for some patients, their expression and feeling was that it was unbelievable.

After we learned IMT it was easy to use in the orphanage because we have eight kids and we usually have volunteers staying with us too. Whenever we get certain kinds of health problems, we do IMT, and it easily improves our health. We are able to save money and it helps me feel like I have an easier time taking care of the children.

I don’t have any pictures of us doing IMT with the kids, but in the future I will send pictures also.

And Sister, Happy Thanksgiving.

Himal Raj Lama
Joining Hands Nepal

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