Weekly Treatment in Kaskikot

by Laura

Well, for the third week in a row, I am still receiving updates from the IMT team in Kaskikot!  I will probably stop posting Govinda’s updates as my own, and instead as his posts.  But for now…this week’s email update with it’s corresponding picture.

Treating Durga’s Father – Govinda, Nabaraj, Prem, Chitra

Dear Laura,

We are using both the community cards and the trainee manuals to do our IMT treatment.  Chitra also does some fun discussion as we go along.  We’ll be doing treatment again on friday.  There are a lot of us friends working together, about five or six.

At today’s IMT program we treated Durga’s father with Nabaraj (Eva Nepal’s KOHCP Program Director).  I wasn’t able to send photos from my phone on the computer, and the camera photos didn’t come out well but I don’t know why.  Maybe Nabaraj will send the photos from his phone.

All of our patients up till now have said that they are feeling better!

It seems like, having learned the thing with the medicinal plants, it would be even better to get to try that out with our patients.  What do you think about that?


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