Note from Kaskikot IMT Team

by Laura

The Kaskikot Team has been meeting for a few weeks now, usually choosing one patient each week to work on.  Today Govinda sent me a short but enjoyable email, which I translate forthwith!  (FYI, “Butu’s mother” is an elderly lady who was treated by Catherine on Day 1 of our Kaskikot Clinic in April, and the team has treated her once since they started their weekly get-together)…

Aug. 17 2012
Sister Laura,
Today we weren’t able to hold our IMT program because Durga and Prem sir had gone to Pokhara and got back late.  So they phoned and instead we’re going to treat Durga’s father at Chitra’s house on tuesday at 5pm.  If there’s time, we’ve also talked about treating Butu’s mother again.

Laura, because Butu’s mother had some improvements from the treatment before, they’ve said it would be great if she could do it again.

Kaskikot Team Treating Butu’s Mother – Govinda, Prem, Durga, Chitra

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