Kaskikot Starts Weekly IMT Treatment

by Laura

Yesterday I received a wonderful email from Govinda, our village-level coordinator during the Handovermatter project this past spring.  While I was still in Nepal, the trainees and volunteers in Kaskikot got together and decided they would try to meet weekly to treat each other, and gradually start bringing in patients in the community.  Since then it has been the monsoon and the rice-planting season, making it hard to find time for the weekly treatment they’d planned.

But yesterday, the group finally got together to treat 6-year old Roshan in Kaskikot.  Govinda emailed me these photos!

Kaskikot trainees and volunteers treating their patient of the week

He sent the following note:

Dear Laura,

On Friday we were able to start the IMT program.  We sat in Deurali and treated a 6-year old child named Roshan for an hour, from 5-6 pm, according to what hurt.  I’m attaching photos of this IMT treatment.  Today the program wasn’t inside a room, instead we did it outside because that felt better.

From your brother,

Govinda Prasad Poudel

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