Remembered Things

by Laura

So what’s gonna stick?

During our program, I forgot to write that Chitra, our head trainee, arrived one morning at the Tibetan Camp and reported that the previous night she’d had a bad toothache.  She decided to fall asleep using the most basic self-treatment technique from our community teaching: one hand on the low back (where the kidneys drain to the bladder through the ureters) and one hand on the site of pain.

Now, I founded an entire community dental program in Kaskikot, so I personally am a big fan of dental medicine.  But nothing like a simple solution when it works.  Chitra woke up feeling fine and when I caught up with her a few weeks later, her tooth hadn’t bothered her since.

Another happy follow-up happened last weekend when I went to visit Eva Nepal’s group of college students (at Gaky’s Light, our higher education program) who were the guinea pigs for our practice community teaching right after the team arrived in April.  Two students wanted separately to tell me about using the community cards to treat headaches for their family members.

But my favorite instance was at Our Children’s Home, the first of two orphanages we taught at.  I wandered in to the girl’s room one evening and there was Didi–Aamaa’s daughter–having her sore arm treated by a young new therapist, Amrita.

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