Joining Hands in Panauti

by Laura

After we got back to the Children’s Home from our day at the community hospital yesterday afternoon, everyone fell asleep for a while.  Then I really fell asleep.  Since we left Kaski I’ve been so tired and had a lot of headaches.  I’m probably just worried about my lost memory card with all my pictures on it…ok I’m very upset about that.  And also, let’s face it, it’s been a long week.

While I was sleeping in the afternoon, everyone else treated and trained the kids here at Joining Hands Nepal.  I woke up in time to take a few pictures – Catherine was back in her groove teaching the cards, and Lissa was treating Himal’s knee with one of the kids as her helper.  Himal is the 25-year-old founder and director of this children’s home, with the support of ForWorld Thinking.  Prem and I met and spent some time with Himal when I arrived in Kathmandu; he saw his first bus when he was 16 years old.  He’s now the father figure for these 8 kids.

IMT Lessons at Joining Hands Nepal, Children’s Home

This morning during breakfast we got to playing thumb-wars and hot-hands and other hand-games on the roof in the sun.

Today Lissa and Catherine and I will go back to Kathmandu, but Will is going to stay here a few days.  Today he’s actually going  back to the hospital, because they wanted more after yesterday…and I think that the kids here at JHN are going to keep him pretty busy too.

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