Day 16

by Lissa

Morning – am sitting here in our bed next to Willski in a totally different space from  yesterday.  Have become fond of this potato field.  Kind of magical up here on the 4th floor overlooking the workers in the fields and the comings anad goings into the town, Panauti.  I feel like the wealthy lord watching over my little kingdom.  Once I learn the routine I’m good – filled extra water bottles with water for washing, have flashlights ready as soon as it’s dark as electricity is on only briefly.  Still haven’t got the head ducking down for the short doorways.  I have quite a few bumps on my head.

Yesterday, we walked through the bucolic potato fields to a newly opened hospital where we had a bizarre “greeting ceremony” we were got special sashes and people made really long speeches in Nepali.  Then we started training the medical staff which became a lot of fun.  It’s so strange to have doctors excited about this stuff.  They could even feel the energy connection.

The head doctor at the hospital helping “elimination” using our cards – perfect for visiting family.

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