Grouch in Potato Fields

by Lissa

Yesterday morning before we left Pokhara we shopped for all our scarves and hats, got measured for our new outfits at the tailor’s, and then went to Prem and Didi’s tiny one room apartment for both them and their 2 young boys.  That was a shock.  I really do live in a palace back home in Medford.

Then we flew back to Kathmandu on a VERY bumpy flight in our tiny plane.  We drove out to another children’s home about an hour from Kathmandu.  There are cows on the highway and no one drives within the lines on the road, they just honk at anyone in their way.  I was nice and grumpy by the time we arrived – gosh I loved the hotel in Pokhara with hot running water.

We took naps, thank god, which shifted my grumpy mood – even got into the hypnotic sound of the lumbar mill next door.


The kids did a greeting program with, yes, more Tikka.  They all have christian names instead of their nepali names which is a bit weird but all but one child seemed to prefer it.



Anyway, that was all yesterday.  This morning I am not happy.  The electricity is off and there is no running water.  You get so dirty here in a single day.  Grrrrrrrr.  I might as well wear my dirty clothes from yesterday.  Other than that it is beautiful.  We are surrounded by potato fields and barking dogs.  I will probably appreciate it more later.  I’m priming myself for another day of Purell – thank god for Purell.

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