The Winging-It Phase

by Laura

Today we are headed from Pokhara to a city outside of Kathmandu called Panauti, where we’ll be working with a children’s home called Joining Hands Nepal.  One of our IMT therapists in Bloomfield (Julie) works with JHN, and posted a blog on their website about our visit:

In addition to doing our second Children’s Home visit at JHN, we’ll be doing a one-day training at a community hospital that’s recently been revived in Panauti.  This is our only hospital visit, and our only day-long training (our materials were prepared either for trainees spending a week with us, or for one-hour community sessions with illiterate villagers).  So we’ll be winging it.  And also, I don’t know a soul in Panauti, except for HImal who runs the orphanage.  I met him for an hour when I arrived in Kathmandu a few weeks ago, and he came to meet us the night that everyone arrived from the U.S.

For me, this project has gone from highly structured to highly improvisational.  I pretty much have no idea what to expect for the next day and a half, but Himal seems pretty well organized and I simply told him when we’d be showing up.  So…this should be interesting!

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