Our Children’s Home

by Laura

Today was our “rest” day in Pokhara, but it ended up getting packed.

First, I woke up this morning and discovered one of my camera chips missing.  It’s a 16GB memory card with all of the photos from my fancy new camera from the entire time we were in Kaskikot.

So, I was pretty much sick the whole morning.  Luckily Will is a fantastic photographer so the week isn’t without any pictures.  But…Pete Seeger and everything.  So much care and preparation went in to my film, I am feeling really devastated.

One of Aamaa’s great-nephews had a special ceremony today that we all attended, called a bartan.  It’s the equivalent of the Bar-Mitzvah for a Hindu boy.  There’s a huge amount of food and plants involved…I think Lissa is writing about it.  I was mostly nauseous over my lost photos.

In the evening we made to our first of two Children’s Home visits.  This one is in Pokhara and is run by the same partner organization that I partner with to run Eva Nepal’s Kaski Oral Health Care Project.  So I know all the kids pretty well because I see them every year.  Everyone was really exhausted and I could tell that the group really just wanted to go have a margarita.  But the kids were excited for our visit so we went over there around four to try out our teaching cards with kids.

Our Children’s Home
Vision Nepal

Well, they thought it was a blast.  It almost turned in to a game.  And one of the boys, Ajay, had a fever, so…tada!  We treated Ajay with the fever card.  Catherine took the lead in teaching and then ended up spending a good amount of time treating different bumps and bruises and helping the kids treat each other and themselves.

Eventually, Will and I took off to go play some soccer in bare feet on a terraced field before dinner.  There was a lot of chasing the ball off a ledge.

We finished off the night with lassi’s and, in the case of one of us, a milkshake with bailey’s in it.  It was Lissa!  Not me!!


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