How to Pee in the Dark, and Cheesecake

by Lissa

Back in the Hotel at Pokhara.  LOVE the hotel.  Although Kaski will forever have a dear place in my heart I was not sad to pack up and go this morning.  I don’t know if I’ll romanticize this in the future but it was hard work – rewarding yes, but hard nonetheless.  I am thrilled to have a toilet, running water and that it is a quick trip to the toilet versus making the choice in the middle of the night to leave the Barbie bed, untangle myself from the mosquito net, make my way to find my shoes, flashlight, bump into the free hanging light switch, find the door, unlock the door by removing the wooden bolt, lifting the door to open it so it won’t screech across the floor to wake up Catherine, then finding my way to the toilet in the dark, check out the cool stars, finally PEE – then reverse the whole process.

Today we went back to the Tibetan camp.  No running water today at their clinic.  Thank god for Purell.

We went to Sonam’s house after treating people.  She took me on a tour through the Tibetan Buddhist temple where we bowed to all the llamas then did a lengthy bowing ritual before leaving.  I loved it.  Love the temple.  Very calming in there.

Gifts from Sonam’s Father

We had butter tea with her father which has the option of a pile of ground up flour in it.  I passed on that but Will did not which made him sick later.  Then her dad pulled out containers of all this jewelry he made and let us pick something for ourselves.  Then they blessed us with scarves and no tikka (the Tibetans don’t do tikka) – although we did get tikka this morning when we said good bye to Aamaa.

We ate at my favorite restaurant again (the one with the marinated beef kabobs) – I had cheesecake which sent me to heaven.

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