Treating Sonam

by Laura

Last night was our last in Kaskikot.  We went to Govinda’s house for a recognition ceremony for all our volunteers and trainees.  Chitra and Govinda’s wife got excited and dressed up Catherine and Lissa and me in saris.  Then nearly 20 people came back to our little house and Aamaa served dinner and Chitra and I washed a million dishes next to the buffalo shed.

In the morning all the bags were packed up and it was time to say bye to Kaskikot.  I ran up to the resort to carry some of our red plastic rental chairs to the van and Moti-lal dai carried all our tables down on his back. Until next time, Kaskikot Clinic!

Moti-lal dai is really strong (in case you’re wondering, he says his left hip and leg that Will treated on tuesday are still feeling quite better.) He came to the house to help carry everyone’s luggage.

Aamaa gave everyone tikka and sent us off.  She was really sad to see us all go – from a full house to just Aamaa by herself. I will be back here in about a week after we visit Panauti and everyone flies home.

With Aamaa

Today was our second day at the Tibetan Camp.  The Tibetan nurses were preoccupied because they have to leave for a health training in Jomsom, and there is talk of a strike tomorrow, which would mean departing today for Kathmandu.  This is nobody’s fault, as none of us planned the strike, but nevertheless we lost some of yesterday’s training momentum.  That’s the nature of this sort of thing, and you just have to go with the flow…I’ve learned the hard way that in any project and especially with a pilot, things won’t go the way you plan, and there will be huge highs followed immediately by significant disappointments, and you can really drive yourself nuts getting too attached to either one.  So yesterday’s training was great, and today we’re doing something else.

Treating Sonam

Therefore after everyone was situated, I decided to spend the morning working with Lissa to treat Sonam.  In addition to the fact that we’ve all grown fond of Sonam, it was a great opportunity for me as a relatively new therapist to spend time mentoring with Lissa and her 30-odd years of expertiset!  And at the end of the day nothing’s more enjoyable than working directly with people and seeing results.  After treatment ended today, Sonam and her father had us over for butter tea.

Today we bade farewell to Chitra, Sonam, and Govinda.  It feels like we’ve had an adventure with them–what a lifetime has fit in to just eight days!  In the evening we drove back to Pokhara.  We are all totally pooped and leaning back in our chairs at dinner in the cool evening.  It reminds me of walking out of the last exam after an oblivion of concentration, how everything seems new and possible.  Prem was quiet, Will and I drank mojitos and I thought Lissa was dying after dinner but it was actually the sound of her eating cheesecake.  Catherine is well behaved.  Good team.

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