Tibetan Camp and Kaskikot Closing Ceremony

by Lissa

The Tibetan Camp day. A wild bumpy ride to and from in our van.  The energy at the camp is difficult for me- reminds me of an Indian reservation.  Will and I worked with older people who all lived through having to leave their homeland.  Everyone has knee problems here.  We suggested to Sonam that she use “Who am I” as a primary treatment with everyone.

We had lunch at a cafe with I guess the tough guy tibetan version of a pool game going on – like you didn’t want to mess with them.  After treating people we went to the local monastery where they were conducting the daily puja.  That ritual deep tibetan buddhist chanting and drum which totally chilled me out and I didn’t want to leave.  I could have stayed there for hours.

Chitra, Durga and Sonam helping me put on my sari

We had a closing ceremony at Govinda’s.  They gave me and Catherine saris and put them on us – a lengthy mathmatical process involving lots of folding and tucking that I will never remember how to do.  Again I am touched by the generosity of this community.  Of course we had more tikka on our foreheads.  Dinner was veggies and chicken.  The local version of chicken to to shop it up bones, feet and all and cook it up.  I got mostly feet and bones.

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