The Day of Great Improvement

by Lissa

At the end of today I feel dramatically better.  Catherine is just starting to get whatver I had – sniffling in bed.

We went to the Astrologer today.  Will supposedly has 2 sons.  Very positive about both our futures.  I’ll take that in 100%.  We got beautiful scrolls of of our readings written in Nepali.  I have a lot of Jupiter and should say OM GHRIM SURYANAMA and I am wise and high kundalini.

We walked over to the school to see the KOHCP dental program that Eva Nepal does.  

They all go outside and  their teeth together.  Really cute kids.


Then we went to a health clinic and teaching program with the staff there was stalled by a polio vaccination thing, so we just treated patients.  We saw a water buffalo in the water.  Will took a picture.  We had a lovely meandering walk home where I realized I feel much better.

We are having a nice quiet, relaxing evening with Aamaa.  I realize I am getting attached to this place.  Especially since I feel better.  The ¼ moon is orange.

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