Bathing Exposé and Talented Trainees

by Laura

Today, we have crossed a frontier: the public-water-tap bath!  We spent the morning exploring some different parts of Kaskikot, including the public bathing tap (major props to the girls, who laundered and bathed with the best of them under challenging circumstances), the old rice mill, and the little abandoned school in the woods where Govinda and I taught together for a year.

The big news in Kaskikot today is that there are two weddings.  In both cases it is the groom that is local – so on our way back up to the house after our morning exploratory mission, we stoped in to see some of the ceremonies that occur at the home of a young groom before he leaves to retrieve his bride from her house.  In the evening, the newly married couple returns to the groom’s house and there is dancing late in to the night.  I’m pleased for our gang that these two young gentlement arranged their astrological charts in such a way for my friends to witness a rural Nepali arranged marriage up close and personal.

Our afternoon treatment from went from 2-4 with two sents of patients.  We have this thing down now!  Our trainees are doing an amazing job, and one of our volunteers, Durga (who is a Gaky’s Light student in Eva Nepal’s college program), initially showed up to do the unsuccessful patient intakes and instead has learned nearly as much therapy as Chitra, our official trainee.  In addition to testing people on local medicinal plants, they’re choosing treatments using nullification; dousing to enhance the basic protocols we’ve given them; today, Chitra started treated fascial strands for goodness sake.

Will training Chitra and Durga

We figure that if she’s able to use these tools even in a highly targeted way for common health  problems, she can make a huge impact – for example by helping women recover from hysterectomies or “family planning” surgery.

Our Tibetan trainee Sonam ran in to some problems and hasn’t been able to join us here since sunday, but we’ll see her again for two full days on friday and saturday when we’re at the refugee camp.  Mean time, on the phone she says: “Tell everyone I said hi!  Tell Lissa and Catherine and Will that I miss them!

Will Working with Sonam, our trainee from the Tibetan Refugee Camp

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