A Love / Hate Relationship

by Lissa

More than ½ way through.  I have a love/hate relationship here.  I know I’ll look back with fondness but this has been a challenge for my body.  A cold has settled into my chest and I felt so crummy I bowed out of the community talk this evening to REST!  I’m sitting next to Amma as she prepares vegetable and another woman grinds flour.  Very peaceful and soothing.

This morning we took our “showers’ and washed out clothes at the public water place.  That was a lot of fun and invigorating.  We had to wear skirts to shower in.  Then we took what we thought was a short walk that turned into a hike (Laura’s idea of a walk).  Catherine and I were seriously lagging.  We stopped at one of two weddings going on.  Got another red sudge of tikka on our foreheads.  I just get overloaded.  Like I’m in  this National Geographic special that never stops.  I miss American Idol and Whole Foods.

The mountains were exceptional this afternoon as were worked with clients.  I treated a baby which I usually dread.  I’m not a kid person.  But it went well and the baby was incredibly sweet.

It’s so great to be just sitting here on the porch.  Aamaa uses this curved knife to slice up all the veggies in her hand – no cutting board.  Then she mashes up garlic, coriander and cumin and tumeric with this big stone then drops it all into a wok over the fire.

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One Response to A Love / Hate Relationship

  1. Carol Gordon says:

    I love your blog. You are so descriptive

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