Stormy Spirit Calling

by Laura

We are getting in to a groove by our third day of treatment in Kaskikot.  Today was a special treat for me because Aamaa was scheduled for treatment with Catherine.  So after everyone was situated this morning, I joined their table.  Having Aamaa lie still and getting to treat her together with Catherine is about the best way I can think of to spend a cool sunny morning in Kaskikot.

Treating Aamaa

Today everyone was fasting, and our treatment started early in the morning and ended at 1:30 pm because in the afternoon we went to visit the Spirit-Caller.  As soon as we finished we left our treatment area and walked directly there.  This was the first time for the rest of the group to cross over the ridge-top and take the winding wooded paths down the southern slope of the village.

As we got closer to our destination, bruised couds began to gather and fat  plops of rain started dropping here and there, without quite turning to a downpour.  We hustled along the narrow path and it felt like the sky REALLY had to pee and was just holding out for us to arrive at the Spirit Caller’s house.  I tell you, given the daily afternoon thunderstorms we had before everyone arrived for this program, we’ve been insanely lucky with the weather: one wind-gusting storm on monday afternoon while we were sheltered at our clinic, and now today, when 90 seconds after we arrived at the Spirit-Caller’s home, the wind and rain switched on in earnest and picked up so fiercely that the tin roof briefly lifted off one room of the house.

We had to wait out the rain for at least half an hour because the banging was so loud on the tin roof that it would’ve been impossible to hear the Spirit-Caller over it.

Once we got started, it was a very intense experience for me as the translator–much more so than when I was the subject a few weeks ago.  Luckily some of our Nepali staff, Govinda and Nabaraj, were there as well.  It took almost two hours for Lissa, Catherine and Will to each have their turns.  When I popped back outside everything was shiny and disorganized after the storm, catching bits of light and throwing them all over the place.

We made our way back up to the house and I for one was in a daze for a good while.  On thursday, the Spirit-Caller’s husband will be one of our patients at the local health post.  He requested a knee brace a few weeks ago when I did my test-spirit-calling, it happens I had an Ace knee support from CVS that I keep with me since I hurt my own knee two years ago.  He was wearing it when we arrived today.

I bet you’re wondering what actually happened in there under that clangy tin roof.  Well, you’ll have to hear it from the clients…that’s all from the translator!

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