Occupy Kaskikot

By Will

    I was so occupied with preparing for our first day of working on clients. Lissa and I toke a shower together. Not as routine as you might think. The water came from a bucket. The bathroom, otherwise called a Latrine in then US, had a squat down porcelain hole there, and on the cement floor nearby was a drain. I could not stand up straight, the local people’s being smaller than most of us Anglos. The roof was that shantytown corrugated metal with joists that were actually more like tree branches.


     We did the military shower style. Splash yourself, lather up and finish off with another splash.  Lissa was constantly yelping at the cold water, “oh my god, … oh my god!” I toke longer because I had to shave and Lissa was forced to wait for me. Shivering has an odd way of forcing harsh words out of my wife’s mouth.


   It turned out that the Korean place  over looking the village let us use their space for our treatment sessions. As we stepped on to the path, I was feeling some excitement at finally working on clients. Laura was walking 50 yards a head of me, she turned to me, and pointed to the north. “Have you looked?” I turned, “oh my fucking god!!!” The hair was truly standing on my back. If I had lied down it would have appeared that I was levitating. There was this really, really, really, really, really huge bunch of mountains. I mean huge x10000 power.


   It was the mountain Fish Tail. The locals see this mountain as sacred, and I can certainly see why. Shiva is said to have a penthouse there, and I wouldn’t mind hanging there for a few millennium too. This pad definitely out does Zeus’s bronx like mountain place I saw on the Greek island Naxos.


   When we arrived at the Korean place, I had to choose which of the 3 tables to work at.   I was so flipped at this mountain range, I made sure to choose the treatment table on the far left. I just didn’t want it to distract me from my work, and the wall obscured a big part of this huge x100000 mountain range (formally known as the Ammanapura Himalayn Range. (It’s a fan of Prince)).


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