My 1st client and cultural surgery.

By Will

    My first client was a woman whom I imagined typified the state of surgeries in this country. Her abdomen’s fluids felt like it was spilling over like a hot kettle with too much water. I looked at her history, and I first believed that she had experienced a C-Section. But my hands felt little of the pelvic organs moving around, so I felt there was something more to this picture. I tried to be clear and simple with my wording, but still some language confusion occurred as I questioned further. Eventually, I came to a better understanding, “oh ok,” I said, “she did have a hysterectomy.”

            When I was young I was told that I shouldn’t look at two things when they are being made, politics and sausages. Well you could say her belly was a poorly made sausage, with the innards inappropriately spilling. The spilling is like a cold, only it happens in the enclosed body, and there is no nose conveniently available for it to leave. In IMT terms (and in medical terms) this shedding is called exudate, and this is where fluids can spill out of organs that somehow have less integrity. Oh my god, please excuse me, I’ve shown you a bit of some sausage making!

            I am curious if I come from a very western view. In Nepal, laparoscopic surgeries must be a luxury. If you have a fallopian tube compromised, are Nepalese more at risk for having the whole uterus removed. Or, are we in the west more inclined to over use surgeries, using them like we pass around dollar bills. I don’t know the stats, or the answers to these questions.

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