Arriving @ Kaskikot

By Will

  Kaskikot is atop a foothill of the Ammanapura Himalayn Range. We vanned to the northwest end of this range, with Pokhara being on its opposite southeast end. We marched along the top of this range with our day packs. It is a 2 mile hike to Aamas place, our home for the next week.

   As we hiked, I looked north. The heat haze made it difficult to see the scenery. The nearest mountain was at eye level and no more than 2 miles away. It was merely a grey silhouette with no features. “Where are these so called mountains,” I said to myself with some disappointment.

    My disappointment was short. We walked through a small compound that I later learned was owned by Koreans, we toke a right, and there it is, Kaskikot. Just like the photo that Laura had shown me. Much, much, much better than any Google Earth experience.This is what Shangrila looks like.


     If there is anyone who cannot be moved by the scene of this village, send them to me. I will gladly perform a frontal lobotomy on them. On 2nd … Thought I am really the one whose frontal lobe is calling a time out. I am ready to flop like a fish on the ground, and speak tongues or somethin like that.


    Laura pointed to a house. “That’s Ammaa’s.” The house had a red strip on its lower half, made it easily recognized. We are here


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