Arrival in Kaskikot

by Laura

I am going to back-date our posts from our week in Kaski, since we had no internet there the whole week.  But, right at this moment we also have a lost memory-card issue…the card containing all my photos from saturday to wednesday in Kaskikot.  So until either the card turns up or Will puts some of his pictures on here, you’ll have to wait for most of the visuals.

In any case, here we go:

On saturday morning our van left the hotel in Pokhara and made a number of stops, picking up various project ingredients: a large binder of patient forms at the Eva Nepal office; Prem’s wife Didi at their apartment; a pair of pants I left at the tailor; one of our volunteer translators, Bhim Subedi, at the bus park; and finally, before hitching out of town, one last addition at the Tibetan Refugee Camp, where our Tibetan trainee Sonam completed the party van.

And at last, goodbye Pokhara, hello mountainside!  The van took us up to the junction with an unpaved road that climbs along the ridge, east-west, up to Kaskikot.  We hiked for about an hour, parallel to the famous Annapurna mountain range.  Along the way, our village-level coordinator Govinda showed pointed out some of the medicinal plants in the kit that he and I made.

At last we arrived in Kaskikot and Aamaa was there to welcome us at the house.  We spent a few hours relaxing, and the entire crew accompanied me to the water tap.

One of the neighbors gave me a lot of flack for letting Will (who is 6 ft. 3″) carry a basket on his head–the neighbor told me that this was making all the dudes look bad, as carrying water in baskets is a very girly thing to do.  But I personally think we looked like a pretty snazzy team.

Trainee Orientation

In the afternoon, we pulled a table in to the yard next to the buffalo shed and had our first trainee orientation.  Our Kaskikot trainee is named Chitra, a 30-year old lady involved in women’s issues who lives very close to where I live with Aamaa.  Our Tibetan trainee, Sonam, is only 22 years old and bravely spent saturday night with our unusual clan in Kaskikot.

The other news I can report is that Catherine has decided to name our water buffalo Lulu.

Aamaa giving tikka to Lissa

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