Day 3 – Kathmandu Touring Day

by Lissa

Kathmandu is noisy, polluted, chaotic and also has a really big heart.

I loved the depth of the temples and people reverence for them.  The “living goddess” is a trip – a young girl gets to be selected as the “living goddess” until her 1st period – stays in a special temple.


My favorite was Boudhanath – the Buddhist “respect” center.  My heart just opened as soon as we entered the area.  We ate lunch there.  I ate a lot of grilled chicken.

We went to an artist place and got a really beautiful “thanka” painting by an artist who had 20 years experience.  They showed us paintings by beginners, 5 years, 10 year etc people and you can really feel the difference.  I want to sleep with my thanka.

Then we went to the singing bowl place – I was totally freaking out by the crazy honking, lack of sidewalks and drivers ready to run you over in the tiny streets the size of on lane with 2 way traffic – yikes – then we started playing with the singing bowls and ofcourse I was enchanted.

We bought a really cool bowl that I also want to sleep with.

Then we showered off the pollution (you get dirty fast in this town) and had more Thai food.  A german lady collapsed next to our table – she seemed to recover ok.  It is a dizzying city.


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