The Convergence Begins

by Laura

Yesterday morning I was having a dream about a donut shop.  There were zillions of different kinds of donuts and I was taking forever trying to choose which kind I wanted, and I had just picked one, the perfect one, the donut I’d always wanted, and was ready to bite in to it–when Aamaa said: “LAURA!  GET UP!  IT’S TIME TO DO LAUNDRY!” and I was staring at the rough wooden beams through the mosquito net at 5:58am, sunrise.

At 6:01am on monday morning, our house was a really special kind of scene:

We collected up every piece of fabric available, from over the clothes wires, on the table, piled on the cots, under the cots, sticking out of drawers–all our clothes, bedsheets, slip covers, pillowcases.  There was so much laundry that Aamaa called Rita bouju from down the road to help us, and we loaded everything in to two unreasonably large baskets.

Aamaa and Rita bouju loaded up all the laundry on monday morning

I stood in the water tap in my lungi for three hours with Aamaa and Rita bouju, scrubbing the crap out of everything we own.  When we put it all out to dry it looked like someone was having an estate sale on the ridgetop leading up to our house.  I spent a while sweeping up and putting things away…hotel Kaskikot is ready for visitors!

I was feeling so festive that I also decided to paint my toe nails purple.

After that, I packed up a bag to leave for tomorrow morning for Kathmandu, where I’ll meet the rest of the gang.  Govinda, our village-coordinator, came over to review the final draft of our collection of natural remedies and patient schedule.  The last two weeks we’ve been immersed in creating all these plans and documents, and now it was just the finishing touches.

At last I said bye to Aamaa and set off down the way that leads straight to the Pokhara valley.  It is a steep, wooded stone path that locals use to get to their fields.  As I descended in my flip flops, I looked at my watch and saw it was 4:07; suddenly I thought that at that very moment Will’s plane was beginning its descent in to Kathmandu; that Catherine and Lissa would soon be boarding their flight in New York, where I pictured them zooming up and down escalators.  All of a sudden it seemed like we were all falling out of the sky and from our various places and coming together after months and months of planning and imagining.

Let the games begin!

Kaskikot on Sunday afternoon

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