2/3rds of the way there

by Will

I have arrived here in Abu Dhabi staying over in an hotel near it’s airport.

   I was hoping to have a major cultural experience during this flight similar to when I flew El Al (Israel’s Airline). No there were no Hasidics bowing in prayer and reciting the Talmod. I was after all flying an Arab airline.
   But the Cultural action was good. One thing I realized is that I am really tall. I saw only 1 Anglo dude and he was tall too.               Getting on the flight the people were Middle Eastern or from India. they all seem to be in the 5 ft 2 to maybe 5′ 8″ range. I am this sky scrapper 6′ 3″.
   What is it with this color thing. When checking in @ JFK I suddenly felt like some Buddhist monk. I was wearing this long sleeve T-shirt that is bright orange color – same color as the Dali Lama’s robes. Oh my god, I might as well shave my hair and take my vows on the spot.
    But what made me more aware was all these people from Asia were wearing these dark colors, blacks, browns, greys. I was relieved by this one women’s black burka. Her hem had a gold lace design, and an Indian women had a scarf colored pastel red. Has any one here seen any Monet paintings!
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