Natural Medicine Collection

by Laura

What a great two days I have spent tromping around Kaskikot, collecting local remedies! I set out with our village-coordinator, Govinda Paudel, and our local astrologer, Thakur Tripathi.

Thakur Tripathi showing us his "amateur" notebook of 130+ remedies found in Kaskikot's natural environment

First we went over to Thakur ji’s house and he showed me a notebook he’s put together with well over a hundred local plants and their medicinal uses.  He was careful to say that he’s just an amateur herbalist but has made a pretty comprehensive study of the uses of plants in our area.

We collected over 40 plants and put them in little baggies with all their uses and preparations written on them.  I’ll try to post these bit by bit as their own blog entry – our own Handovermatter amateur online catalogue of Kaskikot’s medicinal plants!  Although as Thakur ji told us, every single plant has a medicinal use – whether from the root, stem, seed, flower or fruit.






In other news, I made my test-visit to the Spirit-Caller, or “Seer,” a multicultural experience for all concerned in cross-religion channelling.  It was a very interesting experience to say the least.  I didn’t get to talk directly to my grandma Eva; sometimes, even for locals, either the spirit isn’t contacted, or for some reason can’t communicate, and in this case the reported problemo was #2.  But, in place the Seer offered insights on a number of other things concerning past, present, and future, work, marriage, family members who have passed away or are still living.

We’ve spent many more hours coordinating with different leadership in Kaski and our other program sites, securing our treatment area in Kaskikot (which was its own exhilarating drama) and pouring over spread sheets, taking patients in and out of 24 coveted spots.  Here are two of our patients.

Mitu didi is one of our neighbors who I’ve known for about 9 years.  I met her when she came to help carry heavy loads up from our fields during the rice harvest in 2003.  She’s developed excruciating back pain that is making her walk crooked.  I stopped by her house last night with a few days worth of advil, and promised that she’s the very first person on our special “hand therapy” treatment program.





This is our neighbor Moti Lal dai.  He’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever met and I think he could crack a tree trunk with his knuckles.  At the hospital he was given these fashionable stockings for his painful knees.





Will arrives on monday, and I head to Kathmandu on tuesday, if there is not strike–sometimes the roads close down for days at a time,  and there’s a strike scheduled for Sunday-Tues but sometimes they don’t hold up.

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2 Responses to Natural Medicine Collection

  1. Vickie says:

    Great blog! I love the format. The writing and pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing what you are up to.

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