Almost there!!

Will Wheeler here, and hello to everyone. I am under 3 hours to go to the airport. I have been biking and physical all day to get ready for the plane ride.

I fear that i might have to repack my bag, I have found new things to take. … but it could be that I am just nervous about the trip and figure repacking will burn it off. Packing has been more than a week long process. Our living room has been covered with washed clothes, rolled clothes, rolled bags of supplements. Do I take this underwear, or is that too colorful for Nepal. oh my god. Almost done.

Here I come, next stop Abu Dhabi, or actually JFK airport then Abu Dhabi. I’ll be doing a layover there. It’ll be my first time in an Arab nation.

Enjoy my photos. Ciao, Will

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One Response to Almost there!!

  1. Sharna Striar says:

    You are amazing. Your writings bring me into your adventures and the important work that you are doing. Thank you for your sharing. Hugs, Sharna

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