Bon Voyage!

by Laura

Well it seems that I was just recently leaving Nepal with 22.9 kg worth of scarves, but I am ready to head out ahead of the rest of our team.  Interestingly–a brief detour about the 22.9 kg of scarves–the Institute of IMT in Bloomfield has just moved to a new location, and just before my departure, I happened to find some of our Connecticut therapists unloading a truckload of pillowcases.  It seems these were extra pillowcases, so I figured I’d bring them with us and find something to do with them…it’s not as if there are no pillowcases in Nepal, but I kind of liked the bookended experience this offered.  Observe a visual aid:

Pillowcases in Connecticut, March

Scarves in Nepal, October

    I Also I have to revise my claim that the new Canon t2i camera would take its next pictures in Nepal.  Before I left Connecticut I got to spend a lovely afternoon with Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo, the founder and developer of Integrative Manual Therapy, and her husband Tom, also a pioneer and force of innovation in our field.  They offered their best wishes for our efforts and we used the camera to take this picture.

The send-off from Tom and Sharon

The camera has performed top-rate…it seems the people could have used a little bit of discussion about what direction to look in.  But my favorite thing is that Sharon and I are wearing matching outfits, so I think that when I get back we should start a girl-pop band.

More from Nepal!

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