Storytelling On Pods

by Laura

As the “local” on our team, I am the first to depart for Nepal and I head out this thursday.  While we are in Nepal, I will be coordinating, helping with translation, (we’re expecting participants in Nepali, English, and Tibetan!) and documenting the project while the other therapists are actually conducting our treatment and education.

For this reason I’ve been contemplating the purchase of my first SLR camera, but putting it off and off because it seemed too daunting to figure out.  But then, a few weks ago, I get a phone call from an environmental group out west, where my cousin works; they have an event coming up, and could I find some time to record a short interview for it with…Pete Seeger?

So I thought about that for at least a tenth of a second, and then said to myself: Spero, you’re going to need a camera.  Nothing like a little legendary folk singer interview to inspire the media department of the Handovermatter project.

I diligently spent a good bit of time reviewing cameras and tooling around with them in Best Buy and Penn Camera, until finally securing a brand new Canon T2i.  After getting together a confusing family of cables and batteries and SDHC cards, I went in for the home-run with a new tripod from Walmart.  Well, I tell you, I get entire setup home just a day before the interview, and go put it together.  Out of the box comes the tripod and behold:

Pod falsely advertised as a "tripod"

That’s right: THERE IS NO TRI.  It clearly said TRIPOD on the package but this thing is obviously nothing more than a POD…unless I’m going to need a night stick while interviewing Pete Seeger, or perhaps wish to plant my fancy new T2i in the flower garden next to a plastic flamingo.  Can’t people who make pods and tripods at least count to three?

Well fortunately I did my counting in time to get this useless piece of junk replaced in time for the interview.  I learned how to get the lens-cap off, and spent one of the more unique hours of my life testing out my new video capability with one of the great artist-advocates of recent history.  Pete talked for about an hour about the role of art and story-telling in bringing people together to make a better world.  It seemed very synchronous and the camera stayed nicely balanced.  It will take its next shots in Nepal!

Testing out the new camera while enjoying the trees with Pete Seeger.

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