Storm Before the Storm – Cards, Manuals, Plans!

by Laura

Today Catherine came over so that we could review the status of our teaching and training materials.  So much has happened since August when she brought our prototype teaching cards over to my house just before I left for Nepal!

I am not exaggerating when I say that Catherine arrived with a suitcase.

Catherine has more papers and binders than anyone I have ever met, and inside of them are tables of contents, historical IMT documents, I think she might actually have the Declaration of Independence in there but we didn’t get to it.  We sat at the kitchen table for no less than three hours sorting through volumes and volumes of materials, which follows months of email exchanges brainstorming and organizing protocols.  Now it’s getting down to the wire and it’s time to put the paper to the xerox machine!

We are dividing things in to three categories of teaching materials:

1. Plasticized pictures that can be used by literate or illiterate community members in Kaskikot and the Tibetan camp to self-treat some of the most common health problems in these places: gastrointestinal illness, falls, post-surgery, and family health including pregnancy and infants.  Thanks to our efforts last fall, these cards are nearly complete, and it’s mainly a matter of design details.

2. A training manual for 4-6 community members who will spend an intensive seven days with our group during our treatment programs in Kaskikot and the Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Settlement.

3. Extra materials to provide to trainees in case they really get going.

This pile of things is going to look AMAZING when it’s bound in to a bilingual, picture-based training manual for health practitioners in Nepal…on the other hand, I personally think it looks pretty amazing like this…

And finally, more scarves!  Catherine’s been selling them like hot-cakes and picked up a resupply.  If you want one too (you know you do)…write to Catherine!  She’s super organized!


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