Handovermatter’s IMTA Newsletter Article

by Laura

In mid-February, some members of our team attended “Winter School,” the cold-weather version of bi-annual classes for IMT professionals.  (Thank goodness “Winter” School is on the West coast in lovely Pasadena, where it’s not so winter!).  While we were together, we met to go over our evolving training and teaching materials, which began with the cards that catherine made last fall.

In addition to showing this 3-minute video about our Nepal project, and inviting us to do a presentation for the IMT community, the Integrative Manual Therapy Association published an article in its newsletter about our trip.  

All of these activities–and getting together!–provided a nice boost for our team.  We have said from the beginning that our goal is to include our professional community and to establish a new connection with people in a different part of the world.

It’s hard to know exactly what will happen when we’re in Nepal but we can be sure things won’t go exactly as planned…they never do!  But the nature of a pilot project is to explore, learn, and begin the process of connecting people, ideas and resources that are presently disparate.  We had a great time showing pictures of Nepal and talking about all of our preparations with our colleagues.

We can’t wait till Summer School, when it will be time for the follow-up presentation!  Who can imagine what will be in that?!

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