Trading Hands and Cameras

by Will

This past couple of weeks I have started writing on my own so I figure it is time to come out in the open. When I started writing, I stumbled upon a theme that you could say was handed to me out of now where. The theme is about hands. Yes, that is right, hands. You know those things with digits, skin and nails.

It made so much sense. Our traveling to Asia is intended to bring manual techniques to the rural Nepal. We want to teach people how to use their hands to change people’s bodies. This is something I am really excited about, I mean, the teaching part. I have no idea where this blog theme of hands will take me, and you. I just hope you stay along with me during this trip, or rather both trips.

Another part is what are the Nepalese going to teach me. How do they use their hands? What wonderful surprises do they have waiting for me and our manual therapist troubadours?

I am also hoping to include photos with these mega tweets of mine (@Will_W_). I have a camera now which reminds me of some of my high school girlfriends. Really, they are nice to be with, they are fun, but there is still something amiss. This camera requires so much baggage, it is so clunky. So I might go out and get me a smaller camera. They make some great small but high quality cameras now that I have to look at. Goodness, I hope this relationship thing with cameras doesn’t have some Freudian meaning.

Hands in Nepal

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