It’s official…

by Julie

It’s official…I’ll be part of the group bringing IMT to Nepal…and I am so excited! I’ve known Laura almost 2 years now and knew when I first met her and heard of her efforts in Nepal that eventually I would see them first hand.  The work Laura and her team have already done in Nepal with the dental program is astounding. And now a trip focused on sharing the skills that we share back in Connecticut with her Nepali friends just takes things into a new perspective…and an exciting new experience for us both.

Nepal will be a new country for me. Before moving to CT almost 2 years ago now, I lived abroad in Hong Kong for 6 years and had just spent a year traveling, which included 4 months meditating at an Ashram in India (Bihar Yoga Institute). Since those two countries border each other, Laura and I have already spent many an hour bonding over our travels in and out and experiences in the area. I did a lot of service activities in the Ashram and we share the passion for international service. In fact, I just joined the board of ForWorld Thinking ( and we have a partner organization called Joining Hands Nepal ( with an Orphan Home there.  So my trip will include a week getting to know the amazing children there as well.

Julie (R) with her roomate Natalie, doing service work at her Ashram in India...shortly after shaving her head!

I hoped to make it to Nepal before returning to the US two years ago. But my meditations in India made it clear that it was time to get to Connecticut and immerse myself into my IMT studies and continuing my own healing that originally brought me to the practice of Integrative Manual Therapy. So Nepal would have to wait. Therefore, it is very fitting that Nepal is my first trip outside the US since reintegrating into American life two years ago. And even more fitting that the trip is service based…paying it forward from the uncountable blessings and learning I received from my time in neighboring India including finding an inner peace that showed me that service needed to be a large part of my future path and purpose in this lifetime.  In this picture, I’m on the right, doing service work at the Indian Ashram with my much missed Canadian roommate not too long after I shaved my head as part of the experience.

So, here we go…approval for the time off has been confirmed and we have moved from the stage of thoughts to action. I hope you enjoy following our group’s progress on this trip.

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