The Team

Meet the IMT therapists who conducted the 2012 Handovermatter IMT pilot.

Catherine Hillard has been studying Integrative Manual Therapy intensively for 14 years.  During her first class in 1998 she wrote in her diary:  “Class awesome – what I’ve always wanted to learn.”  She has an IMT practice in Alexandria, Virginia just outside Washington D.C., loves flowers and gardening, and is the team member responsible for creating the IMT training materials we will used in Nepal.




Laura Spero founded Eva Nepal after a year of living and volunteering in Kaskikot in 2003.  As the executive director of Eva Nepal’s programs in oral health care and college education, Laura spends a few months each year living in Kaskikot, where she has learned skills such as speaking Nepali and how to carry two water jugs in a basket on her head.  Laura is a graduate of the School of Integrative Manual Therapy and practices IMT at the Institute of Integrative Manual Therapy in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Lissa Wheeler is certified in Integrative Manual Therapy and Self Regulation Therapy.  She has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Integrative Manual Therapy.  She has been a professional in the health and bodywork field for over 30 years.  She is currently writing a book about healing from trauma through bodywork.


Will Wheeler, a certified Integrative Manual Therapist in Boston, is in the double initial club. He has been practicing integrative manual therapy since the Clinton administration and his therapeutic services are sought after by both people and animals, sometimes simultaneously. Even a bad joke can’t damper his enthusiasm. He loves to travel, has never been anywhere in either Nepal or Arkansas, and is very reliable with Facebook chat. His favorite color is not poop brown and he might be of royal ancestry, at least until proven otherwise.



Chitra Subedi is Kaskikot’s head IMT trainee.  She is involved with women’s issues in Kaskikot and has two sons.  Chitra completed a week-long orientation and training that included using material in the training manual and community teaching cards; specific treatments for pregnancy and post-surgical conditions; and manual testing and diagnosis of local medicinal plants.

Durga Subedi was born and raised in Kaskikot.  She has been a Gaky’s Light student in Eva Nepal‘s higher education program while completing her B.A in Rural Development.  She joined the IMT team as a volunteer, but over the course of the week became a full trainee.


Sonam  is a college student and resident of the Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Refugee Settlement in Pokhara, Kaski.  She completed four days of training in the 2012 Handovermatter pilot…and kept everyone smiling the whole time.



Prem Raj Dahal is overall the Handover-matter project coordinator on site in Nepal.  Prem is a trekking guide and president of Vision Nepal, an NGO founded by guides and teachers that is also the partner organization for Eva Nepal’s Kaski Oral health Care Project.


Gobinda Paudel is the team’s Coordinator in Kaskikot, where he is a much-loved primary school teacher.  Govinda helped to make the Kaskikot patient schedule, organize and prepare visits to local healers, and coordinate with volunteers.



Prem G.C. is a primary school teacher and served as a volunteer during the Handovermatter IMT pilot.

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  1. It programe is very important our kaskikot.

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