2012 IMT Project

Integrative Manual Therapy Initiative:         Nepal 2012

In April 2012, a group of IMT therapists will be traveling to Kaskikot, Nepal, and a nearby Tibetan refugee settlement, where we will spend two weeks treating patients and teaching IMT.  Many of our patients will be children and adults who have never considered the possibility of adequate health care, such as chronically ill, mentally or physically disabled, and permanently injured individuals. The central purpose of this program is to provide a model for ongoing IMT projects in the developing world.

While in Nepal, our goals are to:

• Provide IMT treatment to chronically ill, disabled, and developmentally compromised patients in the village of Kaskikot, Nepal and a nearby Tibetan Refugee Settlement.

•Work with six Nepali and Tibetan trainees over the course of a week to equip them with basic IMT protocols for pre-determined, especially relevant health issues in their communities.

• Teach 3-4 public sessions on “homework” protocols for the most prevalent health problems in these rural areas (food poisoning, high blood pressure, family health, surgery/toxic shock).

• Meet with local healers and observe a variety of natural, local, herbal and spiritual medicine, and work with local medicinal plants during IMT treatment.

• Have informal but genuine cultural exchange, including village exploration, a school activity, and regular interaction with local life and people, building off a decade-long relashionship with this village by one of our IMT team members.

• Carefully document treatment results, write one or more journal papers, and provide a foundation for nurturing IMT in Nepal and other developing countries.

• Engage the IMT community through advocacy, a blog, and follow-up presentations; establish new connections for the field of IMT, its individual practitioners, its patient population, and people who are inspired by the promise of hands-on-therapy in rural communities.

The potential for manual therapy in the develping world is tremendous, and we hope you will consider supporting our efforts.  We hope that you will be a part of our journey by following the blog, commenting on it, and sharing your ideas and input for our project.  You can also make an important and very real impact on our project by making a tax-deductible donation, which will help us bring this promising plan to fruition.  Most of all, please be a regular visitor to the handovermatter blog!


IMT Team Nepal


One Response to 2012 IMT Project

  1. rachel says:

    I’m a little late arriving to this blog but I’m so happy to finally read about your program, goals, etc. What an amazing experience you have put together! With love and admiration for you and your work!

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