Setting Off For a Trial Run

by Laura

While in Kaskikot this fall, one of my important tasks was to try out the wonderful IMT teaching cards that Catherine made.  We had spent the summer discussing and designing, staying up late at night during summer school and meeting for coffee in DC.  Having settled four specific health issues, we chose protocols for each one that could be turned in to NFP instructions.  Our four issues, starting out, were: food poisoning, acute fever, surgery and falls, and pregnancy/infants.

A bit of context – just before I left for Nepal in August, I was producing an audio slideshow for my friend’s wedding.  Now, my friend had asked me to do produce this masterpiece for her wedding back in…er, January…but there I was on August 17th madly editing for the wedding that was a few days away.  I was to go to the wedding in New York and from there, continue on directly to two months in Nepal.
So the morning I’m leaving DC for this wedding-and-Nepal extravaganza, I’m sitting in the living room with my headphones on maniacally editing photos and audio, duffel bag by the door, and Catherine shows up at our house in Bethesda with this amazing pile of material: laminated NFP protocols in simplified pictures that she drew; xeroxes of the original techniques so that I can see how accurately people are able to follow the hand placements by looking at her cards; and even a cover email–which she has printed out for me–that explains each card, which techniques are there for each of our four topics.
We sit on the couch and flip quickly through this pile of amazingness.  I am in such a craze about the wedding slideshow, and our living room seems so far from Nepal, it is hard to believe these same cards will be in the hands of Aamaa and Saano Didi on the other side of the globe.  Catherine stuffs everything back in to a red plastic envelope and sends me off.
It isn’t until a few weeks later when I get to Kaski and find our grandma very sick that I pull out the red plastic envelope and start with a protocol for routes of elimination.  I set it on her tummy, on top of her sari, and put the grand kids to work with me.
For the record, the wedding slideshow went great.
by Laura
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