Card Craziness

by Catherine
Early on Laura and I agreed that in addition to treating residents of Kaskikot with IMT, it would be wonderful if we could also leave them with some education and concrete materials they could use to treat themselves and their families after we were gone.  We decided on NFP (Neurofascial Process), since this ‘branch’ of Integrative Manual Therapy is simple, and works well even when people are not trained therapists.  It’s what we normally give clients as ‘homework’ after a session.  We would create plasticized cards with simplified drawings indicating the hand holds that would help with several specific health issues common in the community.  And Laura would try out our ‘draft’ sample materials to see what worked best during her Summer-Fall 2011 trip to Nepal.  The challenge was:  how to make materials simple and clear enough that they would be useful and understandable to folks from a very rural culture, who in most cases had not learned to read and knew little about anatomy.  And of course the materials needed to be interesting and durable.
We decided to create simple, colorful, two-sided cards with NFP protocols to address specific health issues.  We would encase them in plastic so they would last.
Although we spent plenty of time developing the specific categories and content of the cards, there is nothing like putting pen or pencil to paper to figure out what actually works — the old devil is in the details.  So the day before needing to deliver materials to Laura before she left for Nepal, I was still lamenting my lack of artistic skill in drawing the human form, and trying to put myself into the mind of a rural Kaskikot citizen re what works better, symbols, numbers, arrows …..  I decided on several different variations for Laura to try out.
And so I pushed my visit to Office Depot for the important project of plasticizing our sample cards to as close to closing time as I thought was safe.  I arrived with what I thought was an organized pile of materials, but since the cards were to be two-sided and two to a page, I had not always guessed right what went with what, and the first person who looked at what I wanted to do did not think we had time to do the job.  Undetered, and holding firm to my intention to get this done, I found the real hero of the day, another young man who volunteered to help me.  It turned out to be a confusing multi-step process, but I knew what I wanted, and thank goodness he was able to figure out all the back to back and different sides and steps to get the right protocols together.
All’s well that ends well.  I walked away that night with the cards we needed and the next day delivered a completed package of materials to Laura who seemed delighted and totally appreciative of the package and totally unconcerned re the details I had suffered over — like what I thought were my very unelegant drawings of the human form.
Hum… I think there is something for me to learn here!  🙂
by Catherine
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